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Welcome to the 2021 Parkinson’s Unity Walk! In April 2021 we will UNITE virtually to celebrate YOU and continue to raise funds to cure Parkinson's disease!

Although we can not be in Central Park in 2021 we will UNITE to celebrate Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April!

We are scheduling a calendar of events and opportunities for you in to bring the Parkinson’s community together. We will kick-off in January and continue through April!

Don’t miss a thing!

Register now to assure you receive all the event updates, and reserve your spots for the forums, team huddles and information sessions leading up to the April 2021 Parkinson’s Unity Walk.

We are excited to UNITE and share the latest emerging therapies, Ask the Healthcare Experts Insights and Patient Success Stories.

Information on successful team building and fundraising, as well as exercise and activities to get you ready for the walk in April will also be new!

Check in regularly for updates and new calendar events to reserve your spot!

Registration Perks:

  • New Activity Tracking app
  • Team Huddle Sessions
  • Access to research updates
  • Downloadable Activities for all ages!
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