2020 Parkinson's Virtual Unity Walk

Strike Clubs

 Join/support our team’s efforts!

Strike Clubs was conceived 5 years ago when we realized the Parkinson’s community needed a one on one boxing exercise program. Co-Captain Donna Leipzig was diagnosed 12 years ago with PD. In spite of all her exercise, she found boxing to be the most beneficial, both physically and mentally. Co-Captain Carol Myer was shocked by her diagnosis 4 years ago, and is grateful to have found a doctor who believed in the power of exercise-especially boxing. Carol picked up a Strike Clubs flyer at her doctor’s office. Through Donna’s brother, Gary Brill, a Strike Clubs instructor, Donna and Carol met. Both ladies look forward to every minute they box! Boxing makes them feel stronger and empowered. 

We would love for you all to join team Strike Clubs on April 25th in Central Park. Whether or not you can attend, a donation would be greatly appreciated.
Let’s knock out Parkinson’s!!!!



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