2019 Parkinson's Unity Walk

Cousins Care (to Find a Cure for PD)

Join or support our team’s efforts!

The fight to find a cure for Parkinson's is a very personal one for our family. But the longer we have been in this fight, the more we have come to realize that it is shared by so many of our friends and their families. Every conversation about PD seems to lead to someone who knows someone who has recently been diagnosed. So we decided to make this team open not only to our family and our cousins but also to our friends and their cousins. The truth is, we all know someone who has PD and this fight is a personal fight for all of our families.

So join our team. Or donate money if you can. Or sign up for a clinical trial. There are so many ways to fight this fight.

Let's all do whatever we can to help find that cure. Let's do it!


Our team is participating in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in New York's Central Park, to help raise awareness and funds for Parkinson’s disease research.  More than one million people in the U.S. are living with Parkinson’s disease. The cause is unknown and while treatment options help to manage symptoms, currently there is no cure. Every walker and donor will bring the Parkinson's community one step closer to finding the cause of and cure for Parkinson’s disease.  


100% of donations go to research.

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