2020 Parkinson's Virtual Unity Walk

Join/support our teams efforts!
Join/support our teams efforts!

Ubell-Segall Team

Each year, I reach out to hundreds of family and friends like you to support research to find a cure for Parkinson's disease, a condition that has afflicted many in my family. In response, many of you have given generously, raising tens of thousands of dollars. Your contribution is in memory of my stepfather Philip, brother Earl, and brother-in-law Marvin and sister-in-law Estelle.

Please join us at this year's Parkinson's Unity Walk in Central Park on April 25, 2020. I am appealing to you to donate whatever you can--a thousand, a hundred, or $50 or $25. Your contributions support scientific research in leading laboratories across the country.

To donate, please go to:  http://support.unitywalk.org/goto/UbellSegallTeam2020

Robert Ubell
President, Parkinson's Unity Walk

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